Technical Specifications:

  • Max. collected length: 1400mm
  • Max. stacking height: 100mm


  • The auto single-corrugated stacker consists of a circuit control system, collecting & transmitting system, and a single corrugated stacking system.
  • The circuit control system includes the speed measuring wheel, computerized controller, and photoelectric counter which can automatically track varied speeds with a typical start button.
  • The collecting & carrying system includes the low-speed and high-speed collecting & carrying parts with the front low-speed part automatically track the cutting part. When its speed reaches or exceeds that of the back part, the back part can automatically track it.
  • The single-corrugated stacking system includes the stacking and delivering mechanisms which can set up the stacking quantity for auto stacking and delivering.
  • This machine is simply and easily operated which can cut the sheet into three or four for labor-saving and high production proficiency as well as space-saving due to less occupancy.