• Computerized high-speed lamination, the maximum speed is 180 meters/min (depending on the paper).
  • The paper feeder adopts an E-type lifting plate, which can push the paper to be laminated into place with a hydraulic car, and can also be equipped with an additional track with a pre-coded paper device.
  • Feeder adopts self-made four-suction four-feed paper feeding, high-speed and stable, continuous paper feeding.
  • Sensing compensation and alignment device, using multiple sets of electric eyes to perceive the relative position of the backing paper forward, so that the servo motors on both sides of the surface paper are driven independently to compensate the upper and lower paper alignment, which is accurate, high-speed and smooth.
  • Full-function electric control system: The application of man-machine interface and PLC program light display can automatically detect operation status and abnormal display. The electrical design complies with CE standards.
  • Glue coating device: the high-precision coating wheel is matched with a unique metering steel roller to evenly glue the glue, so that the glue coating is more uniform, the unique glue wheel blocking mechanism and automatic liquid level control, the high-speed operation does not overflow, and can adjust the glue return.
  • All wall panels of the machine are processed by a large-scale machining center at one time to ensure the processing accuracy of each processing position. The whole machine adopts synchronous belt transmission, which has stable transmission and low noise. The selected motor and its accessories are products of well-known domestic and foreign brands, with higher efficiency, low failure rate and long service life.
  • The transmission of the bottom paper conveying part adopts a high-power servo motor control system, which is characterized by high sensitivity and fast speed. The bottom paper suction adopts a high-pressure blower and SMC large flow control valve. The unique dust collection filter box design ensures high-pressure adsorption. It is suitable for different corrugated paper, achieves high-speed operation without paper jam, and continuous paper feeding smoothly.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum feeding size (mm)1450×1400
Minimum feeding size (mm)450×400
Paper grams of facial tissue (g/㎡)150-450
Bottom paper thickness (mm)0.5-10
Bottom paper cardboard grams (g/㎡)≥250
Maximum mechanical speed (m/min)150
Fitting error range (mm)±1.5
Total power (KW)twenty two
Mechanical dimensions L×W×H (mm)15000×2250×2750
Machine weight (Kg)7000