• This series automatic paper laminator adopts a unique compression spring front gauge design, which effectively reduces the mechanical failure rate, and cooperates with intelligent control to ensure accurate lamination and positioning.
  • This machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, PLC centralized control, analog-digital conversion, and precise operation control.
  • The gluing roller adopts a mid-to-high design, combined with a knurled rubber roller, which greatly improves the uniformity of gluing, improves the bonding strength, and reduces the customer’s production cost.
  • The steel roller has undergone balance treatment and testing, and is closely matched with the thermal assembly process, which effectively improves the stability of the machine. In addition, the main transmission adopts timing belt transmission, and the bottom paper section directly sucks and feeds paper, which effectively improves the operation accuracy of the machine. And speed. The actual working speed of this machine is higher than STMT series and the noise is lower than STMT series.
  • This series fully automatic paper laminating machine adopts a liquid level control system and automatically circulates gluing, greatly reducing labor intensity.
  • Self-developed powerful feeder paper feeder equipped with pre-coded paper device to reduce downtime and improve work efficiency.
  • All materials used in this machine are imported into the factory for inspection in accordance with ISO9001 standards, with high quality and high durability. Imported parts are used for key mechanical parts such as bearings.
  • This machine is suitable for the bottom paper A, B, C, E, F wave, three-layer, five-layer corrugated paper and the same surface paper lamination. The face paper 150-450GSM has the function of paper advance and alignment.

Technical Specifications: