Folding part:

  1. The upper and down conveyor clamping the cardboard to move forward, the cardboard inlet interval, as well as upper and down conveyor interval all adjusted electrically.
  2. Paper entering section adopts spring pressure wheel to load cardboard, limit device is equipped in the pressure wheel, and the interval between the wheel and down conveyor can be adjusted independently, make sure high paper feeding precision.
  3. The middle part is equipped with secondary ballast device, make sure the folding precision.
  4. The back part adopts vaccum suction belt to convey cardboard, in case the cardboard slide away and two folding parts are not joint together completely.
  5. The back part is equipped with down folding belt, whose speed is faster than the upper folding belt, the friction of the down belt movement will offset the resistance produced by folding cardboard, to reduce problem that the two folding parts of the cardboard are not joint together completely.
  6. The back part adopts rounder tower forming folding method, make the cardboard folding precision well controlled and the forming carton box with good shape.
  7. The movement of the crossbeam adjusted by electrically.

Motor part:

  1. Main motor adopts variable frequency motor, synchronized with the flexo printer.
  2. American Gates Timing Belt is used, with high transmission precision and low noisy.
  3. Strong wind pressure device prevents the forming carton box upturned, and the wind direction can be adjusted, make sure staking tidy.
  4. High speed shaping and flapping device do the last revise to the forming carton box.

Count and discharge part:

  1. Photoelectric switch counting, three units servo motors cooperated to make sure the precise counting under high speed running, accurate and reliable batch with little impact.
  2. Pneumatic paper pushing structure to push out the counted carton box neatly.
  3. Back baffle can be adjusted electrically as per the cardboard width.
  4. Moving parts adopts imported ball screw and linear guides with reliable stability.
  5. Equipped with paper pressure device, upper and down transmission is the same speed ensures carton box neatly, the height can be adjusted electrically as per the different quantity of each pack of the carton box.
  6. The left and right position of the discharge part can be adjusted, which ensures the carton box always falling down to the middle part of the machine.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mechanical speed: 300 pieces/min(as per specific condition)
  • Main motor power: 18.5KW
  • Glue method: gluing
  • Machine length: 11.5m
  • Max.cardboard: 900x2000mm
  • Min.cardboard: 300x800mm.