Technical Specifications:

Designed speed50 m – 150 m/min
Effective width1400 – 1800 mm


  • Flute profiles: A, C, B, E available.
  • Heating System: Steam / Hot oil / Electric
  • Vacuum suction system provides perfect flute shape
  • Separate upper and lower roll from the main machine, with guideway equipped to the bridge, easy to change rolls
  • Flooding system lubrication of the reduction gearbox, three axis gimbal transmission, isolated power supply, frequency converter control of the main unit.
  • Pneumatic control of the upper roll, press roll and gluing roll.
  • The bearings of corrugated rolls and press rolls are lubricated by high-temperature lubricating grease.
  • Auto rotating glue roll while the main motor stop to avoid the glue drying.
  • Motorized digital readout device, auto adjustment of the glue application.
  • The corrugated roll is made of special alloy steel with grinding process and hardened with the hardness of HRC56-60.
  • Anilox glue roll is chrome plated.