Technical Specifications:

  • Effective working width:1400-2500mm
  • Operation direction:left or right(determined to the customer’s factory)
  • Design speed:100-250m/min
  • The maximum stack height:1.7m
  • the MAX.stacking length:3500 mm
  • Equipment size:Lmx12*Wmx2.2*Hmx1.7


  • Gantry stacking. Change order time 20 seconds,automatic counting.
  • Synchronized with the production management system,orders management, Centralized management, Do not slow down automatically for a single.
  • Production management for a single waste is less than 700mm.
  • The crawler stacking platform,AC servo control lifting, stacking stable, tidy.
  • Backsplash can automatically shift,stacking for small orders.
  • Independently sealed control cabinets, electrical equipment operating under clean environment.
  • Color touch-screen display for easy on-site operation.
  • Fully automatic operation control, improve efficiency and save manpower, reduce labor intensity.