Technical Specifications

Machine dimension (mm)2600 50 4 002900 50 4 003200 50 4 003400 00 4 003700 00 4 00
Power (KW)44445.5
Max slitting width (mm)18002100230025002800
Min slitting width (mm)140140
Min slitting length (mm)435460
Min scoring width (mm)8080
Scoring height (mm)0-100-12
Blade (mm)Φ 200×122×1.2Φ200 × 122 × 1.2
Blade & Scoring Composed TypeFour blade Six Scoring/ Five Blades Eight scoring


  • Adopt front-scoring feeding, back double rubber roll leading paper, paperboard running steady.
  • Adopt electric adjust blade distance, pneumatic lock. Improve whole machine degree oi automation, easy to operate and high precision, save time arid labor to adjust.
  • Slitting Part: adopt high-quality tungsten steel blade, sharp and long work-life, slice more tidy, non-pressing, and non-burr.
  • Scoring Part: adopt 5 points scoring, scoring distance in-phase adjust, blazonry, and easy to bend the carton sheet.
  • Grinding Part: adopt automatic and manual two kinds pneumatic grinding type, it could be grinding when working, improve work efficiency.
  • Adopt imported electric elements, dependable performance.